Piano & Music Learning

It may seem like a glib distinction, but I prefer to talk of learning rather than teaching. I learn as I teach, and whatever I learn feeds into my choir work and my own creative practice. I have students of all ages. Some work towards formal exams, others set their own personal goals.

Exam students sit ABRSM assessments  with me. (Associated Board of The Royal Schools of Music).

Some students choose to learn piano and music without the structure dictated by formal testing. Together we can identify specific musical areas that they are keen to develop. We can incorporate voice, rhythm improvisation work into sessions and explore music making together with other instruments including violin, guitar and tuned/untuned percussion.

Singing is instinctive to humans, until someone tells us to stop. It is the instrument that we are born with and can develop, grow and create with it, as long as free use of it is encouraged along the way. I have a small number of students that come to me specifically for singing and vocal development.

If you would like to speak with me about music tuition, please get in touch via the contact page.

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