I run community music projects. I play with people who have never had access to music making, and work alongside community groups in the creation of new music. In recent years I have worked with a number of schools, developing choirs and aiming to embed singing into the school day. Encouraging healthy singing amongst children brings many benefits. In addition to developing learning and memory skills, it increases physical well-being – (it’s a whole body work-out!), It can improve focus, build confidence and crucially, it provides a fundamental basis for strong music learning.

It is a chance to create.

Below are some kind words from participants and teachers I’ve worked alongside….

“Róisín was so patient with us. We’re full-on, independent women. We know our own mind, and it’s not always easy to get a word in edgeways! Róisín worked with us to create a song that we are proud to stand here and sing for you today”. 

Anne, speaking on behalf of cross-community Women’s Group Women United,  at the showcase event of the Farset Project, City Hall Belfast, February 2016.

‘It was wonderful to watch Róisín capture the attention of up to 75 primary school pupils at any one time. Her enthusiasm was infectious and the arrangements of the songs, first class. I love the way she makes music fun whilst achieving the very best from all the children”

Máire Hughes – Extended Schools Coordinator.

Róisín has worked with our school choir over the last three years. She uses a range of musical activities and a wide repertoire of songs that continually challenge and engage the children. Our children love singing in the choir!

Máire Wilson – Music Coordinator, Holy Family Primary School.

‘Róisín has worked with our pupils over the past two years and I am always impressed by her musicality and range of strategies used to engage the children. The children have benefitted from a very inclusive approach to sessions and their learning has been extended with excellent outcomes. We were delighted to be part of the winning cross community choir at The Flax Trust Intercommunity Choirs Award at City Hall in 2013. Róisín worked alongside and supported our choir teachers throughout the process’

Ashleigh Galwey, Head Teacher, Currie Primary Schoolimage.




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